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  • Beans & Peas Other Soup

    Creamy Edamame Soup

    ‘Edamame’ are young Soy Beans. In Melbourne where I live, Frozen Edamame Beans, that are already removed from pods, are widely available these days. ‘Edamame’ are sometimes mashed into paste and used for many dishes, even for sweets. Today I made them into this simple soup. Very nutritious, filling, and delicious with crusty bread. Makes …

  • Halloween Potato Spaghetti & Pasta

    Halloween Gnocchi

    Are you planning a family Halloween cooking? Here is one suggestion. It’s ‘Halloween Gnocchi’. Gnocchi dough is very similar to Play Dough, and children are geniuses with Play Dough. They can create all sorts of scary characters. The dough was a little sticky and I needed plenty of Flour for dusting. I ended up making …