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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Blueberry Butter Cake

    Blueberries are in season now, and fresh Blueberries are inexpensive. Today I added a generous amount of fresh Blueberries to my ‘Basic Butter Cake’. I added Lemon Icing on top. You may prefer dusting the cake with Icing Sugar instead, but Lemon Icing is highly recommended. Cake Tin 20cm Round Springform Cake Tin Ingredients 125g …

  • Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Stir-fried Beef & Onion Rice Bowl

    You may have seen this dish at Chinese take-aways. It is actually a very simple stir-fry. However, because I always use Japanese Soy Sauce, the same dish I cook always looks different and tastes different. Then, I have learned that Dark Soy Sauce is commonly used to season this dish. I bought a small bottle …