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  • Halloween

    Cheesy Fingers

    Cheese is a very popular party food. Using cheese sticks, you can make these spooky Halloween food. This can be done using skinless Cocktail Frankfurts, but that would be really spooky… I don’t know if children would eat them. (Of course they will!) Ingredients Stick Cheese or String CheeseTomato SauceAlmond Method Cut Stick Cheese in …

  • Cold Sweets Halloween


    It’s not real brain!!! Actually it is Strawberry Bavarois, a creamy jelly desert moulded in human brain shape. We bought a plastic brain jelly mould on eBay. I guarantee this Strawberry Bavarois will make your guests scream at your Halloween party. By the way, none of our guest touched it! Makes 1 Moulded Brain You …