Archive for April 5th, 2016

  • Fish

    Grilled Salted Salmon

    It was my husband birthday today and he requested Japanese dinner to celebrate his birthday. I decided to cook Salmon. But this ‘Grilled Salted Salmon’ is actually a very straight forward dish. Salt the salmon fillets and grill them. I have a Japanese fish griller that can be used over the gas stove burner and …

  • Other Soup Vegetables

    Wombok Creamy Stew

    It’s Autumn in Melbourne and we are having more cooler days. As the weather is getting cold, I cook soups and stews more often. My ‘Wombok Stew’ is very comforting and delicious, yet so easy to prepare. Sometimes I add carrots, potatoes or tofu. Creamed corn is another good addition, too. Makes 4 to 6 …