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    Watercress & Tuna Salad

    Watercress is one of my top 5 vegetables. I love its peppery flavour. Watercress is always brilliant for salads but this salad is different. It’s a Japanese ‘Ae-mono’ style salad. Vegetables are often quickly blanched before dressed. In that way, the pepperiness is mild and more suitable to eat with rice. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …

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    Garlic ‘Goma-ae’ Asparagus

    ‘Goma-ae’ is a kind of Japanese salad. Most commonly boiled vegetables are dressed with ‘Goma-ae’ sauce which is made of toasted sesame seeds, sugar and soy sauce. There is another type of ‘Goma-ae’ which is not sweet at all, but garlicky. If you like garlic, why don’t you try? Makes 2 Servings Ingredients Asparagus 1 …