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  • Vegetables

    Wombok & Daikon ‘Asazuke’

    ‘Asazuke’ is a Japanese pickling method characterised by its short preparation time. The term can also refer to the vegetables pickled in this manner. Commonly used vegetables are Daikon, Wombok, Cucumbers, or other salad vegetables. ‘Asazuke’ is usually prepared by rubbing the cut vegetables with salt and ginger, sliced kombu or chilli. The typical Japanese …

  • Pork Vegetables

    Layered Wombok & Pork

    This is perfect for dinner on a cold day. This dish is quite popular with my family and they actually encouraged me to add it to this website. Stewed Wombok is so tender and melting in mouth, and produces absolutely delicious soup as well. Using a heavy-base pot, you can forget about it once it’s …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    My Mother’s Stick Doughnuts

    My mother’s doughnuts were not round. They were sticks and my sisters and I loved them. And our children, her grandchildren, loved them. Her neighbours also loved them. That’s why she used to make a lot of them when she decided to make them. There was no recipe. She just mixed flour, sugar and eggs. …