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  • Onigiri (Rice Balls)

    Grilled Onigiri Soy Sauce Flavour

    When I was a young child, my mother used to char-grill left-over Onigiri (Rice Balls) that had turned cold and hard. Onigiri were then warmed up and the outside became crunchy. I loved the crunchy Onigiri.I like soy sauce flavoured Onigiri better than salt-only ones when grilled. Try this recipe when you have left-over cooked …

  • Tempura

    ‘Kakiage’ Tempura Corn

    When I make Tempura, I usually make ‘Kakiage Tempura’ to finish off left-over batter with sliced Onion & Carrot. One day I used Frozen Corn, and my family was so excited with the result. ‘Kakiage Tempura Corn’ was simply YUMMY!Using thawed frozen corn that is still COLD makes these ‘Kakiage Corn’ crispy without special Tempura …