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  • Beef Mushrooms

    Beef Meatballs With Mushroom Gravy

    I am writing this recipe for my son and other novice cooks like him. Beef mince is not expensive and meatballs are easy to cook. If you make the mixture into large rounds, you can make hamburgers. If you don’t have Panko Breadcrumbs, just toast 1 to 2 slices of bread, break them and you …

  • Vegetables

    ‘Goma-ae’ Tomatoes

    My ‘Goma-ae Sauce’ goes so well with many vegetables. I have tried even with Cucumbers, which was quite nice. This time, I was more ambitious. I made Tomatoes into ‘Goma-ae’ and my family was suspicious about this dish. I used Black Sesame Seeds to make the colour striking, and that was discouraging for them but …