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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Macadamia & White Choco Chip Cookies

    Macadamia Nuts are native to Australia. They are quite pricey nuts but they are getting more pricey these days. They say that the macadamia nuts growers are struggling to keep up with demand as they are getting more popular. It’s a bit sad news for consumers. But the texture of Macadamia Nuts cannot compare to …

  • Chicken

    Cheesy Baked Chicken With Tomato Sauce

    When I was terribly busy and couldn’t think about dinner, I just cooked Chicken Fillets and combined everything in the pan, then left in the oven. That is how I invented this dish. Using an oven-safe pan, this dish can be prepared easily. If you use already seasoned Tomato Pasta Sauce, it would be even …