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  • Baked & Fried Sweets Matcha

    Matcha, White Chocolate & Cream Cheese Cake

    ‘Matcha Cheesecake’ has become very popular and I love it. Have you tried my ‘Matcha Cheesecake’ recipe? I also love ‘Matcha & White Chocolate Cake’. I tried to combine the two cakes. The recipe requires less ingredients and the cake tastes absolutely divine! Cake Tin 18cm Round Springform Cake Tin *Note: Smaller size tin makes …

  • Beef Egg Potato

    Potato & Beef Mince Omelette

    Make no comment about the wiggly Ketchup, please! I have shaky hands. This dish is similar to ‘Omu-rice (Omelette Rice)’ but much easier to prepare. Beef Mince can be replaced with thinly sliced off-cut Beef or Pork, but you can actually cook whatever you like. This is a great dish particularly for children. Makes 2 …