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  • Vegetables

    Thai Tomato Salad

    When I cook Thai Curry for dinner, I want to serve with a Thai salad. However, some of my family members are ‘Coriander Haters’. There is nothing I can do because their taste perception is different. They have particular receptors that find coriander tastes like soap. I strongly believe that coriander is the essential ingredient …

  • Mushrooms

    Sesame Garlic Enoki

    My ‘Nametake Enoki’ is delicious with freshly cooked rice. However, even I get a bit bored with the same soy sauce flavour. This time I tried a different flavour inspired by Korean ‘Namul’ and I love it. You can sprinkle with some finely chopped Spring Onion or Chilli Powder as well. You may wish to …