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  • Fish Other Soup

    Coconut Milk Fish Stew

    One day when I was cooking Fish Stew, I discovered that I didn’t have enough milk. I needed to save the milk for next morning’s coffee. Then I decided to use a canned Coconut Milk instead, and the result was OK. Later I learned about a Brazilian fish & seafood stew called ‘Moqueca’, and my …

  • Cold Sweets

    Umeshu Jelly

    ‘Umeshu’ is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping unripe Ume fruits (similar to apricot) in strong alcohol, such as Shōchū, with Sugar. It has quite high alcohol content. Believe or not, I was allowed to drink it when I was a child. It was mixed with plenty of icy cold water, though.  This jelly is …