Archive for January 6th, 2020

  • Cold Sweets

    Granita Biscuits & Cream Cheese Log Cake

    This cake is similar to ‘Choc Ripple Log Cake’, a famous Australian favourite cake that is so easy and even children can make themselves. This cake has a cheesecake flavour and is made with Granita Biscuits. Arnott’s Granita Biscuits are grainy sweet biscuits and great for cheesecake base. Other sweet biscuits that you might use …

  • Beans & Peas Spaghetti & Pasta

    Nattō Spaghetti

    Nattō is fermented soy beans and naturally it is very nutritious. Many people eat it with hot steamy rice for breakfast. I love it with finely chopped fresh Spring Onions. Do you like Nattō? This ‘Nattō Spaghetti’ is quite popular in Japan, and I often cook it for my lunch. It’s absolutely easy to prepare …