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    Wakame Tuna Cucumber Salad

    Dried Wakame is probably the most accessible sea vegetable for many of us. Most Asian grocery stores sell them. I usually buy Dried Wakame that are already cut into small pieces, but not too small. They can be used for many dishes. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 large Cucumber *about 250g1/4 teaspoon Salt2 to 4 …

  • Sea Vegetables

    Wakame ‘Tsukudani’

    ‘Tsukudani’ is a dish of commonly small fish, shellfish or seaweed cooked in Mirin, Sugar and Soy Sauce to preserve the ingredients. Seaweed ‘Tsukudani’ are often made with Kombu (Kelp) OR Nori. But for me, Wakame ‘Tsukudani’ is the easiest to make. Ingredients 6 tablespoons (*about 12g) Dried Wakame1 cup Dashi Stock *OR 1 cup …