Archive for April 1st, 2020

  • Sushi Vegetables

    Simmered Kanpyō (Kampyō)

    Kanpyō (OR Kampyō) are dried shavings of melon-like fruit called ‘Yūgao’, which texture is similar to cucumber or white outer parts of watermelon. Kanpyō is most commonly used as a filling of Sushi Rolls. I remember when I helped my grandmother to dry the shavings to make Kanpyō. I was a child. I hanged the …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Butter Beans Brownie

    I often use ‘Beans’ to make sweets. Azuki (Red Bean) is an important ingredient for Japanese sweets. Butter Bean is more versatile. I have shared my ‘Butter Beans Chocolate Truffles’ and ‘Butter Bean Spread’ recipes on this website. Today I made this Brownie with Butter Beans. It is gluten-free as I added no flour. Cake …