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  • Sushi

    Ura Maki-zushi (Inside-out Sushi Rolls)

    ‘Maki-zushi’ (Sushi Roll) is made by wrapping up Sushi Rice and Fillings with Nori (Seaweed Sheet). ‘Ura (the reverse side) Maki-zushi’ is made by wrapping up Nori and Fillings with Sushi Rice. You need plastic food wrap as well as ‘Makisu’ (bamboo mat) to make these Inside-out Sushi Rolls. Ingredients Sushi RiceNori (Seaweed Sheets) Filling …

  • Okonomiyaki Prawn & Shrimp

    Broccoli & Prawns Okonomiyaki

    ‘Okonomiyaki’ is commonly made with Cabbage. I often make it with Kale. Broccoli version is also very yummy. Especially Broccoli stems are perfect for this ‘Okonomiyaki’. When Broccoli are in season and they are tasty and cheap, why don’t you try it? I like Prawns for Broccoli version, but you can use Squid, Pork, Ham, …