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  • Baked & Fried Sweets Fruit

    Blueberry & Sour Cream Pie

    Blueberries are expensive in Melbourne, but I sometimes want to bake Blueberry Pie. This Finnish style Blueberry Pie is easy to make and you can use Frozen Blueberries. I used to buy a frozen flan case for this pie, but not anymore. My ‘Easiest Sweet Shortcrust Pastry’ tastes much better. Pie Dish I used 22.5cm …

  • Dips & Spreads

    Jalapeño & Peanut Miso Dip

    When I had just 1 Jalapeño and didn’t know what to use it for, I chopped it up and added to my Miso Sauce. I decided to use the Miso Sauce for cucumber salad, so I added Vinegar and some Peanuts. A little bit of Garlic as well. Then I added Pickled Jalapeño. The Miso …