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  • Chicken Other Soup

    Chicken & Dumplings

    Nearly 30 years ago, when I visited Alabama in the US, I fell in love with a dish called ‘Chicken & Dumplings’. I have been cooking it since then, and my ‘Chicken & Dumplings’ has developed into this Japanese take. I use Glutenous Rice Flour (or ‘Shiratamako’) as well as Wheat Flour to make dumplings, …

  • Pork Vegetables

    Steam-Fried Pork Belly & Cabbage

    This is a dish I repeatedly cook especially when the weather is cold. As you can read in the method, it is super easy to cook. And the dish is comfortingly delicious. I always season it very simply as I believe that’s the best way to season this dish. You may wish to add other …