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  • Hot Pot & Hot Plate


    ‘Mizutaki’ is one of the most popular Nabe (Hot Pot) dishes in Japan. ‘Mizutaki’ means ‘cooked in water’. Chicken and a variety of Vegetables are cooked in water, sometimes with a piece of Kombu (Kelp). However, they are most commonly cooked in Chicken Stock these days. When Chicken and Vegetables are cooked, you may take …

  • Chicken Pizza & Flammkuchen

    Teriyaki Chicken Pizza

    Italian Pizza was introduced into many countries and unique localised Pizzas have developed. This ‘Teriyaki Chicken Pizza’ is actually quite popular in Japan. Many pizza shops sell it. Mozzarella is really versatile and it goes quite well with Teriyaki Sauce. Makes 1 Pizza Ingredients 1 Pizza Base *I used 28cm base2 to 3 tablespoons Japanese …