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  • Vegetables

    Thai Inspired Red Cabbage Salad

    If you are tired of ordinary coleslaw and want something different, try this South Asian flavoured Cabbage Salad. I hesitate to call this dressing ‘Thai’, but it is definitely inspired by ‘Thai’ dressing. You may wish to add fresh Chilli, but I used Chilli Garlic Sauce as I usually don’t have fresh Chilli. I added …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Cornflakes Florentines

    This is what is known as Florentines in Australia. It’s very different from what is known as Florentines in Japan. It seems ‘Cornflakes’ is the key ingredient here in Australia. The method is simple. Combine Condensed Milk and Cornflakes, and add Dry Fruit and Nuts. Then bake in the oven at rather low temperature. Finally, …