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  • Chicken

    Chicken Katsu with Curry Ketchup Sauce

    The deep-fried Chicken fillet coated with Panko breadcrumbs is called ‘Chicken Katsu’ in Japanese. Pork version is, of course, the famous and popular ‘Tonkatsu’. ‘Tonkatsu Sauce’ is the most popular sauce to serve with ‘Chicken Katsu’. Today I served it with my ‘Curry Ketchup Sauce’. It was DELICIOUS!!! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Chicken Katsu500 to …

  • Vegetables

    Takuan (Pickled Daikon) & Lettuce Salad

    On the other day when I shared my ‘Takuan’ (Pickled Daikon) recipe, I received a request for ideas to use ‘Takuan’. ‘Takuan’ is pickled Daikon. You can use it just like other pickled Vegetables. ‘Takuan’ is seasoned with Salt, Sugar and Vinegar. It is a perfect ingredient for Salad. Because it is quite salty and …