Archive for May 22nd, 2021

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Muscovado Coated Fried Biscuits

    These ‘Muscovado Coated Fried Biscuits’ are called ‘Karintō’ (かりんとう) in Japan. When I was a young child, it was my absolute favourite treat. I like the ones coated with Muscovado, but they can be coated with Brown Sugar. These biscuits are chunky where I grew up, but there are thinner types in other regions. Today …

  • Takikomigohan

    Black Bean & ‘Yukari’ Glutinous Rice

    ‘Yukari (ゆかり)’ is a Furikake (Rice Seasoning) and it is made of dried Red Shiso leaves. When I cooked Glutinous Rice with Black Beans, I added it because the rice didn’t turn purple as I wished, and I thought the flavour of the rice was too bland. The rice tastes nicer and looks prettier with …

  • Curry Vegetables

    Vegan Soy Meat Curry

    Mice type Soy Meat (Soy Protein) is perfect for my ‘Clean-Up-Fridge Curry’. I usually use minced Beef or Pork, but this is a really good Vegan alternative. My meat-loving husband would’t notice this is Soy Meat curry. The recipe is almost identical, but you need to add more liquid as Soy Meat is quite dry …