Archive for May 31st, 2021

  • Vegetables

    Vegan Soy Meat Ragù

    To make Ragù, I usually use minced Beef OR minced Beef & Pork. However, from now on, Soy Meat (Soy Protein) could be another choice. This Vegan Ragù was so good. If you add more Vegetables and Mushrooms, it would taste even better. Makes 6 Servings Ingredients 100g Dry Soy Meat (Soy Protein) *Mince type2 …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Yoghurt Soufflé Cake

    The other day, I needed to use up Coconut Yoghurt which I had bought for my Vegan friends. I tried to make Yoghurt Soufflé Cake based on my Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake. I added whole 500g Coconut Yoghurt and the cake was too soggy. Today I tried gain, but used my homemade Greek Yoghurt and I …