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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    French Crullers

    ‘French Cruller’ is basically deep-fried Choux pastry (Profiterole pastry). It is very popular in Japan, but I don’t see them in Melbourne. If you have made Profiteroles before, it would be quite simple to make. One important thing to remember is to use a star-shaped nozzle when you pipe out the dough. The pastry is …

  • Fish Vegetables

    Wombok & Tuna Ponzu Salad

    Wombok is often called by a variety of different names. It’s called ‘Hakusai’ (白菜) in Japanese, but here in Australia, ‘Wombok’ is the common name. It is a hugely popular vegetable among many Asians. If you have never used it for cooking, try a simple salad. This salad is not bad at all. Makes 4 …

  • Soba

    Vegan Soba Soup

    On this website, I have shared my recipe ‘Monk’s Vegan Soup’, that is called ‘Kenchin-jiru’ in Japan. ‘Kenchin-jiru’ is 100% plant-based soup that originated several centuries ago from a temple where Buddhist monks prepared the soup. ‘Kenchin-jiru’ is still very popular and Soba Noodles are often added to it. I am not Vegan but I …