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  • Mushrooms

    Scrumptious Shiitake

    When Shiitake Mushrooms are in season, I always become nostalgic and think about my grandmother. She used to grow Shiitake in the woods near her house and my family was lucky to enjoy the harvest. Her Shiitake were meaty and chewy and crunchy and delicious. This is another way to enjoy the meaty Shiitake. It’s …

  • Vegetables

    Wombok Salad with Creamy Sesame Dressing

    You might have seen Japanese Creamy Sesame Dressing at Asian grocery stores. It’s very popular in Japan. You don’t need to buy it as it is actually quite easy to make if you have Sesame Seeds and Japanese Mayonnaise. And you know exactly what’s in it when you make it yourself. This is a very …

  • Azuki (Red Beans) Cold Sweets

    Azuki Panna Cotta

    I tried to make Azuki flavoured Panna Cotta. I mixed Panna Cotta mixture with Tsubu-an (Sweet Azuki Paste). It was supposed to be a creamy burgundy coloured jelly, but the mixture set in such a pretty gradation of colour because Azuki Paste is heavy, especially the unbroken beans are heavy. Unfortunately it is hard to …