Archive for October 17th, 2021

  • Cold Sweets

    Chestnut Ice Cream

    I occasionally purchase Sweetened Chestnut Paste. The purpose is to make ‘Mont Blanc Cake’, which has a very special meaning to me. Today I found some leftover Chestnut Paste that needed to be used as the best before date was near. I mixed it with my ‘Easiest Vanilla Ice Cream’ mixture to make this Ice …

  • Takikomigohan

    Smoked Sausage & Corn Takilkomigohan

    I used Kransky because it is the most commonly available Smoked Sausage where I live. You can use your favourite Smoked Sausage. It’s a Takikomigpohan, a Japanese dish of Rice that is cooked with other ingredients and seasonings. Using a rice cooker, it’s super easy. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 2 cups (*180ml cup) Short Grain …