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    Easy Borscht

    The most famous Ukrainian dish is definitely ‘Borscht’. There are many variations as it is cooked in many different countries. They say every region in Ukraine has its own ‘Borscht’. This soup is so famous and even I often cook it in Melbourne, Australia, and I am Japanese. Today I served ‘Borscht’ with ‘Pampushky’, Ukrainian …

  • Bread Dough

    ‘Pampushky’ Ukrainian Bread Rolls

    What a cute name ‘Pampushky’ is for these Ukrainian bread rolls! The singular form is ‘Pampushka’ and that sounds even cuter. ‘Pampushky’ have similar texture to Doughnuts, and they can be baked or fried. The world famous Ukrainian Soup ‘Borscht’ is often served with ‘Pampushky’ with ‘Garlic & Dill Oil’. If you like Garlic Bread …