Archive for April 9th, 2022

  • Vegetables

    Super Tabbouleh

    A variety of packed salads are available from supermarket stores these days. The other day I saw a very attractive salad looked like Tabbouleh, but it was quite pricey. The salad inspired me to make this ‘Super Tabbouleh’. I added extra ingredients to my ‘Tabbouleh’. Why ‘Super’? Because this salad is packed with good nutrients. …

  • Steamed & Microwaved Sweets

    Instant Banana Mug Pudding

    When you have a Banana that is turning brown and you are not willing to bake a cake using it, what do you do with it? Here is one suggestion. If you have a microwave, you can make this ‘Instant Banana Mug Pudding’. It takes about 5 minutes to make it. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients …