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  • Chicken Soba

    Crispy Chilli Oil Chicken & Soba Noodles

    ‘Lao Gan Ma’ brand Crispy Chilli Oil is very popular among the Chinese food enthusiasts. It is available internationally. In Melbourne where I live, even ordinary supermarket stores sell it. This Crispy Chilli Oil is not very spicy and can be used as a seasoning. Today I mixed some leftover Roasted Chicken with the Crispy …

  • Chicken

    Crispy Chilli Oil Chicken

    A young woman, whose name is Lisa, introduced me ‘Lao Gan Ma’ Crispy Chilli Oil. She tried one of my recipes and posted a photo of what she cooked. She placed a reddish brownish yummy looking thing on top of the dish, which was not included in my recipe. I asked Lisa what it was. …