A young woman, whose name is Lisa, introduced me ‘Lao Gan Ma’ Crispy Chilli Oil. She tried one of my recipes and posted a photo of what she cooked. She placed a reddish brownish yummy looking thing on top of the dish, which was not included in my recipe. I asked Lisa what it was. She let me know it was LGM brand Crispy Chilli in Oil. I found it at a local supermarket store in Melbourne where I live, and bought a jar to taste it. Now, I can’t live without it. It is seriously delicious. This is leftover Roasted Chicken mixed with the Crispy Chilli Oil. This Chicken tastes so good. It is not really spicy and that is the only downside, but it can be fixed easily. You can enjoy this Chicken with Rice, Noodles, Bread OR Salad, etc. The possibilities would be endless.


Cooked Chicken *leftover Roasted Chicken would be perfect
Crispy Chilli Oil *I used ‘Lao Gan Ma’ brand Crispy Chilli Oil

Sesame Oil *optional

  1. Tear OR cut Cooked Chicken into the size that is easy to eat. Today I used leftover Roasted Chicken. Add Crispy Chilli Oil as required and mix to combine. If Crispy Chilli Oil is lacking Oil, add some Sesame Oil.
  2. *Note: When you use Crispy Chilli Oil, you should stir it occasionally, because the ingredients tend to sink.
  3. *Note: When you purchase Crispy Chilli Oil, carefully choose the right product because there are other products from the same brand and they all look very similar.