I have received a message from someone who was looking for an alternative Pizza sauce as she could no longer eat Tomato and Garlic. She tried my ‘Miso & Mushroom Pizza’ and it seems she enjoyed it though she was skeptical first. ‘Hoisin Sauce & Chicken Pizza’ is also really yummy. For ‘Teriyaki Chicken Pizza’, I use Japanese Mayonnaise. Here is another one. Use pureed Pumpkin as Pizza sauce.


1 X 28cm Pizza


1 Pizza Base *I used my ‘Easy Pizza Base’
1/2 cup Pureed Pumpkin *read ‘Method 1 & 2’
100g Pizza Cheese Mix
Your favourite Toppings
*Note: Today I used 1 cooked Chicken Breast Fillet, 1/4 Red Onion and Thyme.

  1. If you make Pureed Pumpkin just for this Pizza, the easiest method is Microwave. Place some Pumpkin pieces in a heat-proof bowl, cover with a plate, and microwave until cooked. Set aside for a while, so that Pumpkin becomes softer and sweeter.
  2. Remove excess water from the cooked Pumpkin if there is any, then puree using a fork, and season with Salt. You may wish to add Pepper OR Spices of your choice. *Note: I added 1 pinch Salt only.
  3. Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  4. Spread pureed Pumpkin over the Pizza Base. Arrange the toppings of your choice. *Note: Today I added thinly sliced Red Onion, Chicken Breast Fillet that was seasoned with Garlic Salt, Paprika and Chilli, then pan-fried, and cut into small pieces.
  5. Cover with Cheese and bake for 15 to 20 minutes OR until nicely browned. I sprinkled with some Thyme leaves. *Note: Make sure the baking surface is hot to achieve crispy bottom.