• Potato Vegetables

    Quick & Cheesy Broccoli Potato

    I saw a lovely looking dish of roasted Broccoli and Potatoes that were mixed with Garlic and Anchovy. Sounds really good, doesn’t it? But, I didn’t want to use the oven. If it is just Broccoli, I would cook it in a frying pan. But I needed to cook Potatoes as well. So, I boiled …

  • Mushrooms

    Ponzu Shiitake

    This is a very simple dish of fried Shiitake. My mother used to grill them, but I deep-fry them. Of course you can shallow-fry them using a frying pan. I like adding more flavours to Ponzu, but they are all optional. You can use Ponzu only. Makes 3 to 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Shiitake MushroomsOil …