Archive for April 4th, 2023

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Wickedly Yummy Peanut Cookies

    This recipe was a result of an accident. First it started when I tried to make my ‘Very Sweet American Style Chewy Choco Chip Cookies’. I believed that I had a bag of Chocolate Chips, but I didn’t. So I added Peanuts instead. Because I added Peanuts, I added some Peanut Butter as well. The …

  • Steamed & Microwaved Sweets

    Muscovado Mug Cake

    In Japan, a very dark, almost blackish coloured, Sugar called ‘Kurozatō’ OR ‘Kokutō’ is often used for traditional sweet snacks and cakes. I love its flavour. Muscovado is the closest alternative that I can find where I live, and I always stock it. When I want to eat Muscovado flavoured cake, I often make this …

  • Potato

    Fried Potato Mochi

    ‘Potato Mochi’ has become well-known thanks to Pokemon. These days there are very many variations, and you can season it as you like. Pan-frying is the most popular method, but I deep-fried it today. It’s better to form the mixture into balls when you deep-fry. You can stuff a small piece of Cheese inside each …