Archive for May 18th, 2023

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Gingerbread Pound Cake

    I have been trying to use up a jar of Molasses, that I bought to make Gingerbread many months ago. Today I made a Pound Cake using the ingredients that I use to make Gingerbread. To make ‘Basic Pound Cake’, I use 125g of each Butter, Sugar, Eggs and Flour. I altered the amount of …

  • Vegetables

    Hash Brown Broccoli

    Hash Browns are not healthy food. But they are yummy and I love them. I have shared my ‘Hash Brown Potatoes & Chickpeas’ recipe, that is my attempt to make the ‘not healthy’ food into ‘less unhealthy’ food. Today I used Broccoli instead of Potatoes. I believe these ‘Hash Brown Broccoli’ are ‘much less unhealthy’. …

  • Other Soup

    Silken Tofu & Egg Soup

    This is one of the soups that I frequently cook. It’s a super quick and easy soup. You can use medium soft Tofu, but I always use Silken Tofu, that is the softest type. Because of the soft jelly-like texture of Silken Tofu and the thickened soup, this soup is very comforting when I have …