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  • Curry Lamb

    Lamb Chops Curry

    I use Lamb Chops for this Curry, but you can use boneless Lamb meat that is easy to eat. If you love Curry, you probably have a collection of Spices. Please use your own blend of Spices, but I use Japanese S&B Curry Powder. I use 1 tablespoon only, and the flavour is mild and …

  • Cooking Rice

    Saffron Rice

    I don’t cook this Saffron Rice very often because Saffron is expensive. When I want to serve yellow coloured Rice with Curry, I usually cook ‘Turmeric Rice’. Today I needed to use up Saffron Threads that were getting old. This is a rice cooker recipe. It’s super easy to prepare. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1/4 …