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  • Sweets

    Microwave 1 Egg Yolk Custard

    I had leftover 1 Egg Yolk today. I wanted to eat something custardy, such as Creme Brûlée OR Creme Caramel. So, I decided to make this custard. I mixed all ingredients and microwaved it. It took less than 5 minutes to make it. Once it is cooled down, the custard was firm. I enjoyed it …

  • Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Stir-fried Shirataki (Konjac Noodles) & Egg

    ‘Shirataki’ (Konjac Noodles) are translucent and gelatinous noodles made from ‘Konnyaku’ Potatoes (aka Konjac Yam or Devil’s Tongue Yam). ‘Shirataki’ is very low in calories and a popular food to eat when you try to lose weight. I used Spring Onion today, but Garlic Chives are also good. This dish is lower in calories, yet …