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    Hijiki Salad

    I recently received a question about how Hijiki can be cooked. Hijili is a blackish coloured Sea Vegetable. In Japan, it is used for many dishes. Most commonly it is simmered in Dashi Stock seasoned with Soy Sauce, with Soy Beans, Tofu products, or Vegetables such as Carrot. But, Hijiki can be added to Salad. …

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    Hijiki & Soy Beans Nimono

    This is probably one of the very traditional home-style dishes that most mothers cook. My family recipe is always meat-free but you may wish to add chicken to this dish. This can be mixed with freshly cooked rice to make “Hijiki Mazegohan’ which is also popular. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 20 to 25g Dried Hijiki100 …