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  • Cold Sweets

    Milk Jelly

    On a hot summer day, cold dessert would be nice. Jelly is always a good option. If you stock Gelatine Powder in your pantry, Jelly is easy to make. The standard ratio of Gelatine Powder & Liquid is 2g : 100ml. I make Milk Jelly based on this ratio. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 3 teaspoons …

  • Okonomiyaki Tempura Vegetables

    Carrot & Onion Pancakes

    This is a pan-fried version of my ‘Kakiage’ Tempura that I love. I first just pan-fried it instead of deep-frying, and realised I needed more batter. So, I made it just like Okonomiyaki. This is much easier to prepare and clean up than deep-fried Tempura. You can make small pancakes OR 1 large pancake and …

  • Sea Vegetables Vegetables

    Hijiki Salad

    I recently received a question about how Hijiki can be cooked. Hijili is a blackish coloured Sea Vegetable. In Japan, it is used for many dishes. Most commonly it is simmered in Dashi Stock seasoned with Soy Sauce, with Soy Beans, Tofu products, or Vegetables such as Carrot. But, Hijiki can be added to Salad. …