It is hot in Melbourne today as we are expecting near 40℃ heat. On such a hot day, cold dessert would be nice. Jelly is always a good option. If you stock Gelatine Powder in your pantry, Jelly is easy to make. The standard ratio of Gelatine Powder and Liquid is 2g : 100ml. I make Milk Jelly based on this ratio.


4 Servings
*Note: As this Jelly is fairly light, I make each serve slightly larger. You would need at least 180ml capacity glasses.


3 teaspoons Gelatine Powder *10 to 12g
3 to 4 tablespoons Water
600ml Milk
4 tablespoons Sugar
2 tablespoons Condensed Milk *optional, but recommended
Flavour of your choice
*e.g. Vanilla, Matcha, Coffee, Cocoa, Strawberry, Rum, etc.

  1. Sprinkle Gelatine Powder into Water in a small bowl and soak for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Place Milk, Condensed Milk (*optional), Sugar in a saucepan, and mix well. You may wish to add flavour(s). *Note: If you add Matcha Powder, mix it with a small amount of hot water first, then add the mixture to the Milk.
  3. Heat over medium heat and bring close to the boil, but you don’t need to boil. Remove from heat. *Note: This process can be done in the microwave.
  4. Add the Gelatine mixture and stir until Gelatine dissolves. Remove the foam on the surface if you want to do so. When cool enough, pour the mixture into serving glasses. Place them in the fridge and leave to set.
  5. *Note: If you added Matcha Powder, allow it to cool until it starts to set, stir well, then pour the mixture into the glasses. Otherwise, Matcha Powder would settle at the bottom of the glasses. I actually like it, though.
  6. It’s a good idea to serve with Fresh Fruit, Whipped Cream, extra Condensed Milk, OR your favourite topping.
  7. *Note: The photo below is Matcha flavoured Milk Jelly. (The colour is not right though.) I added Matcha Powder and Vanilla Extract, and whipped Cream on top.