When I need to use up a large amount of Milk, I most likely make Cottage Cheese. There are many forms of similar fresh cheese in the world and they are called by different names, but most of them are made by curdling Milk with an acid, such as Lemon Juice OR Vinegar. You can process this Cottage Cheese into smooth paste, that is Cream Cheese.


About 380g


2L (2000ml) Full Cream Milk
*Note: Low Fat Milk can be used, but the texture and flavour of the Cottage Cheese would be inferior
100ml Lemon Juice *pulp removed, Vinegar can be used
Fine Salt *optional

  1. Place Milk in a pot, thick base pot preferred, and heat over medium low heat, occasionally stirring, so that Milk won’t burn on the bottom of the pot. Remove from heat just before it starts boiling.
  2. Add Lemon Juice (OR Vinegar) in a circular motion, gently stir, then set aside.
  3. Place a fine mesh strainer over a bowl, and pour the mixture into the strainer to drain the curds, and gently press down to remove excess liquid. *Note: Place a piece of suitable cloth if required. Fine curds remaining in the liquid can be strained using a tea strainer.
  4. Sprinkle with some Salt to taste, but it is optional.
  5. *Note: You can wrap the Cottage Cheese with clean cheese cloth and press to remove excess liquid to make a firm cheese like Indian Paneer.
  6. *Note: To make Cream Cheese, use a food processor or stick blender to process this Cottage Cheese into smooth paste.