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  • Prawn & Shrimp Ramen

    Prawn, Tomato & Lettuce Ramen Soup

    If you are looking for a healthy and refreshing soup for your Ramen Noodles, you may want to try this one. The main ingredients are Prawns, Tomato and Iceberg Lettuce. With Ramen Noodles in hot soup? Yes. It’s quick and easy to prepare, very filling, and healthy and satisfying. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients 1 serving …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Rice Cooker Pumpkin Cake

    Today I needed to use up leftover cooked Pumpkin. I decided to make a rice cooker cake. If your rice cooker has ‘Cake’ setting, it is absolutely easy and energy efficient to cook cakes, frittata and crustless quiche. I line the base of the rice cooker’s inner pot with baking paper. If your rice cooker …

  • Cheese

    Cottage Cheese

    When I need to use up a large amount of Milk, I most likely make Cottage Cheese. There are many forms of similar fresh cheese in the world and they are called by different names, but most of them are made by curdling Milk with an acid, such as Lemon Juice OR Vinegar. You can …