• Other Seafood

    Steamed Clams with Sake (Rice Wine)

    A type of Clam that is called ‘Asari’ in Japan is commonly used for this dish. There are a variety of edible shellfish in Japan and they are available even from supermarkets. But here in Melbourne, commonly available shellfish are Oysters and Mussels. Today I found frozen ‘Asari’ and I cooked them for the first …

  • Notes & Tips

    Substitute For Mirin

    ‘Mirin’, 味醂 OR みりん in Japanese, is a type of Rice Wine that is very sweet. It is an important ingredient in Japanese cooking. ‘Mirin’ is used to add sweetness to a dish, but it also adds Umami and richness in flavour, which Sugar cannot add. However, if you can’t find Mirin, OR if you …

  • Drink Egg

    Egg Sake

    It’s a Japanese version of Eggnog, but it got to be hot. This alcoholic beverage is called ‘Tamago-zake’ in Japanese, and it is offered to anyone who have a cold, even children. My mother always made it for me when I had a cold. You can burn off the alcohol by boiling Sake (Rice Wine) …