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    Tofu Skin Noodles

    ‘Tofu Skin’ OR ‘Bean Curd Skin’ is made from Soy Beans. When Soy Milk is heated, a protein rich film (skin) is composed on the surface. The films are used for a variety of vegetarian dishes. Chinese dried Tofu Skin products are available from many Asian grocery stores in Melbourne where I live. They are …

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    Substitute For Mirin

    ‘Mirin’, 味醂 OR みりん in Japanese, is a type of Rice Wine that is very sweet. It is an important ingredient in Japanese cooking. ‘Mirin’ is used to add sweetness to a dish, but it also adds Umami and richness in flavour, which Sugar cannot add. However, if you can’t find Mirin, OR if you …

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    How To Grind Sesame Seeds Using A Plastic Bag

    I use sesame seeds for cooking a lot. I always toast them first, then keep the toasted sesame seeds in an airtight container ready to uses. When I need to grind sesame seeds, I use ‘Suribachi’. ‘Suribachi’ is a Japanese mortar. My suribachi is a small one, about 10cm in diameter. This is one of …