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  • Pork Tofu & Soy Protein Vegetables

    Stir-fried Pork & Tofu Skin

    I recently discovered some Tofu Skin (Bean Curd Skin) products can be used as noodles. Some products might be too soft, but the Chinese Bean Curd Sticks I purchased have firmer texture. When the twisted sticks are rehydrated and softened, they can be cut into noodles. These noodles can be a life saver for those …

  • Notes & Tips Tofu & Soy Protein

    Tofu Skin Noodles

    ‘Tofu Skin’ OR ‘Bean Curd Skin’ is made from Soy Beans. When Soy Milk is heated, a protein rich film (skin) is composed on the surface. The films are used for a variety of vegetarian dishes. Chinese dried Tofu Skin products are available from many Asian grocery stores in Melbourne where I live. They are …