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    Silverbeet Leaves ‘Namul’

    They say that Silverbeet (Chard) is easy to grow. Yes, Silverbeet does grow so well and it’s not easy to keep up eating. How do you cook Silverbeet? Stir-frying, adding to soup, simply steaming, mixing with Fetta, etc. Here is one Asian recipe for you to try. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Silverbeet Leaves1 clove …

  • Vegetables

    Kale & Carrot ‘Namul’

    Kale and Silverbeet are always sold in a large bunch. Do not let that stop you to purchase them. Here is one recipe for you to use up a lot of them. This ‘Ae-mono’, a type of salad, is good as a side dish but it can be a main dish. Because it is simply …