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  • Vegetables

    Semi-Dried Tomatoes

    We were given a boxful of Roma Tomatoes from a friend of ours on the other day. I decided to make Semi-Dried Tomatoes that we like a lot. I picked larges ones, cut them in quarters, laid them on three baking trays, then dry them in the oven. Semi-Dried Tomatoes are quite pricy if I …

  • Chicken Curry

    My Family’s Chicken Curry

    I am Japanese and I used to use Japanese curry roux to make curry because curry is supposed to be made with the roux. However, after 20 years in Australia, I gradually came to dislike the flavour of store-bought roux and started making this curry. Now I am writing down this recipe for my children …

  • Mushrooms Takikomigohan

    Dried Mushrooms Takikomigohan

    One of my favourite ‘Takikomigohan’ is ‘Asian Mushroom Takikomigohan’ and I sometimes crave the dish. One day I really wanted to cook it but had no fresh Asian mushrooms. Fortunately I had a pack of Assorted Dried Mushroom Mix. Mostly Asian mushrooms but Flat Mushrooms were also included, and some were already sliced. I cooked …

  • Vegetables

    Tomato & Eggplant Cheese Bake

    Vegetables in season taste so good and they don’t require much seasonings. For this ‘Tomato & Eggplant Cheese Bake’, you only need Salt & pepper. And good quality Olive Oil and Cheese of your choice. So delicious! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 2 large Eggplants *about 600 to 700gOlive Oil for cookingSalt & Pepper2 to 3 …

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