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  • Mushrooms Takikomigohan

    Asian Mushroom Takikomigohan

    Takikomigohan is a rice dish, cooked with seasoned dashi stock with vegetables, mushrooms, chicken or other ingredients. ‘Kinoko (Mushrooms)’ Takikomigohan is one of my favourite. In Autumn in Japan, so many different types of mushrooms are available. The famous ‘Matsutake’ is too expensive for many of us these days, but there are plenty of cheap …

  • Fish Vegetables

    Spicy Asian Slaw with Tuna

    When cabbages are in season, I often make coleslaw with different dressings or sauces. I tried to create an Asian flavour slaw. When you follow this recipe, you might think the amount of the cabbages is too much for 4 servings but it will decrease in volume and the flavour will become stronger. I use …