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    Cinnamon Crumble Apple Cupcakes

    One day I simply placed the leftover Cinnamon Crumble mixture on top of some cupcakes and baked them. It worked perfectly. Then next time, I added Apple and Sultanas to the cupcake mixture. Here is my new recipe of Cinnamon Crumble Apple Cupcakes to share with you. Makes 12 Large Cupcakes Ingredients Butter 125g *softenedCaster …

  • Vegetables

    Soybean Sprouts ‘Namul’

    This salad is seasoned with just Salt, Garlic and Sesame Oil. Yet it is so delicious because of the flavour and the texture of Soybeans. This type of vegetable salad, often seasoned with Sesame Oil, is called ‘Namul’ and it’s a Korean dish. Soybean Sprouts are available from many Asian grocery stores. This dish is …