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  • Pork Potato

    Satoimo & Pork Garlic Soy Sauce

    ‘Satoimo’ (Taro), has creamy & slimy texture. Because of allergy or something, my hands often feel itchy when I peel ‘Satoimo’. So I often use Frozen ones that are already peeled and ready to cook. However, I have noticed that it takes quite some time to cook frozen ones until tender and creamy. I recommend …

  • Chicken Takikomigohan

    Chicken ‘Okowa’ Glutinous Rice

    ‘Okowa’ is a type of steamed glutinous rice dish, often mixed with vegetables, nuts and other various ingredients. This chicken and vegetable ‘Okowa’ is, I can say quite surely, one of my top 3 favourite dishes. Glutinous Rice is used to make ‘Mochi’ and it has sticky and rubbery texture. My mother used to make …