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  • Pork Takikomigohan

    Pork ‘Okowa’ Glutinous Rice

    ‘Okowa’ is a type of glutinous rice dish and it’s my favourite. I love ‘Okowa’ dishes, especially the one my mother used to cook by steaming. This Pork ‘Okowa’ recipe is inspired by Chinese rice dumplings made of glutinous rice stuffed with other ingredients and wrapped in large leaves. The triangular shaped dumplings are usually …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Choco Chip Cookies

    I baked these ‘Choco Chip Cookies’ regularly when my children were young. The amount of Caster Sugar used to be 1/2 cup, but I reduced to 1/4 cup because of my daughter’s health consciousness. Today I baked them for the first time in many years and ‘Wow!’ the smell of the cookies have brought back …